We recognized right from the start that this was going to be as controversial as hell, and we moved very cautiously. If anyone had told us the pill was going to be discussed at bridge parties and across dinner tables, well, frankly, we would have disbelieved it.”

–a spokesman from G.D. Searle Company, 1969 [1]


This significant impact of the birth control pill could be seen even before the FDA approved it as such. In 1957, it was first approved only for the treatment of menstrual disorders. Despite this however, before it was introduced for contraceptive use, it had already been in wide usage. In 1959, the widespread impact was described: “It was amazing, that so many women suddenly had menstrual disorders requiring treatment with the pill, women who had never seemed to have menstrual problems before.”[2]¬†Leading up to 1960, it would have been hard to imagine the success the pill would have, it was indeed, revolutionary.

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